Mission & Vision & Principles

Our Mission

Provision of an excellent all-around service, which supports our customers allowing them to focus on their core strength and to be successful in the Chinese market.

Our Visions

  • The approval and acceptance of our customers as a long-term partner for the Chinese market.
  • The continuous development of our competencies, capabilities and skills to achieve the comprehensive service for our customers.
  • To offer the quality service, for our customer to feel safe and in good hands.
  • Satisfied, motivated and qualified employees, who are aware of their responsibility, always master their work with due diligence and find good solutions for our customers.

Our Principles

  • The satisfaction of the customer is always first priority for all employees.
  • We create trust by accomplishing the projects and providing reliable service.
  • Friendly and open-minded employees, who earn their good reputation and accomplish every task and assignment with dedication and confidence.
  • The permanent willingness of all employees to develop themselves further and to apply their competencies and skills successfully in the field.
  • To protect our environment and to make use of resources in the most efficient way.