The Company

SINOSERV is a high quality service provider in Shanghai, China. Reliably and professionally we offer all services around the installation, relocation, maintenance and repair of industrial equipment and machines. SINOSERV provides “all-in” logistic solutions from dismantling and packing - to transport and reinstallation.


SINOSERV offers the delivery and installation of turn-key electrical and piping systems according to our customers’ demand. This includes all necessary labor, tools and equipment as well the required installation materials.


SINOSERV provides highly motivated, experienced and skilled Supervisors and Technicians for the safe handling of heavy machinery as well as high quality mechanical and electrical installations.


SINOSERV designs and delivers all kinds of constructional steelwork such as Steel-girder constructions for machinery, catwalk and maintenance platforms, pit covers, housing and enclosures as well as safety fences. SINOSERV also provides specially manufactured machine and spare parts according to our customers’ drawings and requirements.


SINOSERV often contracts large and complex projects, both locally in China as well as in combination with overseas countries, with their strong network of local, national and international partners.