Tools, Equipment and Warehouse

SINOSERV offers a wide range of state-of-the-art tools and equipment for all kinds of industrial installations:


  • Mobile cranes and truck mounted cranes in different capacities and sizes
  • All kinds of trucks, trailers and transport devices for heavy and oversized machinery
  • Hydraulic gantry up to 500 ton for the safe handling of the heaviest machinery
  • Fully equipped tool container with different rigging tools such as slings and shackles in different capacities, hydraulic jacks, heavy weight trolleys, as well as various kinds of professional tools (welding machine, angle grinder, drilling hammer, tiger saw, drilling machine, leveling instrument, etc.), safety equipments and personal tool boxes.
  • Various forklifts, electric - gas and diesel-driven. All forklifts with white tires, 5m lifting height, long forks, fork shift/adjustment. Forklift-jibs available.
  • Different styles of working platforms (sky-lift, cherry-picker, scissor lifts, alu-scaffolds) for safe working in heights. 
  • Machine transport carts, various steel platforms and structures, ceiling/floor support structures, rigid steel plates, transport devices for e-cabinets, etc.