Needle Loom


German service provider for the installation of machinery and production equipment.

Project located at the plant of the world’s leading producer of custom-designed fabrics and belts.



Installation of a needle-loom in Hangzhou.

Needle looms are used for the manufacturing of technical felts. Needle-felting produces felt without the use of water, using special barbed or "notched" needles. Felt is an essential part of the production process in the paper, nonwovens and various other industries.



August to October 2016


Scope of supply:

  • Project Engineer, Supervisor, Skilled and experienced Mechanics and Electricians
  • Hydraulic Gantry, divers forklifts, mobile cranes, working platforms
  • Fully equipped tool container, other tools and equipments
  • Installation materials, consumables



  • Total weight of the needles loom was 910t with approx. 760t shipped as break-bulk. Heaviest single part 145t.
  • Design and manufacturing of special lifting devices due to limited space between machinery and ceiling.