Piston-rod Production Line


Chinese branch of a German system supplier for automated production lines for the automotive industry.



Relocation of piston-rod production line from Shanghai to Yantai.

Total weight of the production line: approx. 110t.



Sep/Oct 2015


Scope of work:

  • Dismantling (Mechanical/Electrical) as far as necessary for the transport
  • Packing, stowing and lashing on the trucks
  • Transport from Shanghai to Yantai
  • Positioning of the machine bodies according to the layout
  • Reinstallation 1:1 with adaption to new situation
  • Support for I/O-test and commissioning
  • Support for retrofit and maintenance work


Scope of supply:

  • Supervisor, Skilled and experienced Mechanics and Electricians
  • Divers forklifts, mobile cranes, working platforms, trucks
  • Fully equipped tool container, other tools and equipments
  • Packing material, installation materials, consumables



  • Heavy machinery with single weights >25t.
  • Provision of special trucks for over-height and over- widths machinery and equipments.