Plant Relocation 2


International system supplier for various car manufacturers in Europe and Asia, provides wheel and tyre assembly at an extremely high industrial level, including the logistics services to deliver the assembled wheel and tyre directly and “just in sequence” (JIS) to the assembly line of the car manufacturer.



Relocation of several highly automated assembly lines for the assembly of wheels and tyres within Shenyang, as well as relocation of machinery from Beijing to Shenyang and Shenyang to Beijing.



April/May 2016, duration about 3 weeks, in two steps, approx. 3.500 hours of mechanical and electrical work


Scope of work:

  • Dismantling (Mechanical/Electrical) as far as necessary for the transport
  • Transport (about 20km) of all the machinery and equipment to the new factory in Shenyang, as well as relocation Shenyang-Beijing and Beijing-Shenyang
  • Unloading and positioning according to the layout
  • Reinstallation 1:1 with adaption to the new situation
  • Installation/connection of new cables for part of the equipment
  • I/O-test and support for the commissioning


Scope of supply:

  • Supervisor, skilled and experienced Mechanics and Electricians
  • Divers trucks, forklifts, mobile cranes, working platforms
  • Fully equipped tool container, other tools and equipments
  • Installation materials, consumables



Schedule included public holiday, overtime and weekends to guarantee a minimum of production interruption. Detailed planning prior to the start of the project in order to be prepared for all possible challenges during the relocation.