Roll-to-roll Vacuum Coater


Chinese high-tech Company to produce thermal protection films with state-of-art vacuum coating technology (thin-film-technology).



Unloading, positioning and installation of a roll-to-roll vacuum coating system with integrated magnetron sputtering technology in Dalian.



February / March 2016


Scope of work:

  • Unloading and move into the factory of all machinery
  • Positioning of the main machine body according to the layout
  • Alignment and installation of tracks for the magnetron
  • Support for the detailed mechanical installtion


Scope of supply:

  • Project Engineer, Supervisor, Skilled and experienced Mechanics and Electricians
  • Mobile and robotic cranes, divers forklifts, man-lift
  • Fully equipped tool container, other tools and equipments
  • Installation materials, consumables



  • Exceptionally sized and sensitive part: Cooling chamber with the width of 5.4m and a height of over 5.1m, weighing 69t (with the integrated magnetron and web transport system).
  • Very exact alignment required (digital theodolite and very precise machine levels).
  • Detailed coordination and planning with the German manufacturer of the production machinery.