World Largest Ring Rolling Machine


Global leading engineering and solutions provider for the design and manufacturing of plants and machinery for the metal and steel industry with headquarter in Germany.

Project located at the plant of a Chinese-Spanish Joint-Venture for the production of rolled rings and other machine parts.



Installation of the World largest ring rolling machine in Jinan.

Ring rolling machines are used to produce seamlessly rolled rings for various industries, such as pressure vessels for nuclear power plants, new energy projects (wind power systems) and others. This particular machine can produce rings with a diameter of 16m which makes it the largest in the world.



May 2017 to June 2018


Scope of work:

  • Site survey and planning for the erection of the heavy parts
  • Unloading, move in and positioning of all machinery (2.500t in total)
  • Mechanical and electrical installation and assembly of the machine parts according to the layout and drawings
  • Installation of all piping systems such as compressed air, cooling water, hydraulic system including the welding of high pressure hydraulic pipes up to diameter 300mm
  • Design and manufacturing of maintenance platforms on site according to CE-standard
  • Manufacturing, delivery and installation of heat protection sheets and other accessories
  • Support for I/O-test and commissioning


Scope of supply:

  • Project Engineer, Supervisor, Skilled and experienced Mechanics, Electricians and Pipe Fitters
  • Divers forklifts, mobile cranes, working platforms
  • Fully equipped tool container, other special tools and equipments
  • Installation materials, consumables