• Installation and assembly service for machines and production equipment including mechanical and electrical assembly.
  • Manufacturing and delivery of all kinds of electrical, piping and ducting systems including all necessary materials and accessories.
  • On-site / National / International relocation of machinery, production equipment and plant facility.
  • Provision of skilled personnel and qualified tools/equipments as well as other site facilities according to your requirements and demands.
  • Planning and project management for installation and relocation projects.
  • Manufacturing and delivery of all kinds of structural steelwork, platforms, machine foundations, machine parts and accessories.
  • Consulting and Engineering services; site survey and technical/feasibility studies.
  • Sea-worthy packing and national/international transports.
  • Procurement and delivery of local machine parts, components, accessories and installation materials such as cables, ducts, pipes and fittings. Sourcing services for local parts and materials.

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